Let it flow.

Girl does Eagle Pose on stairs during sunset

Hi, I am Katharina, the woman behind yogalifemallorca.
I want to share my philosophy and connection I have, for teaching and practicing yoga.
Through gentle postures, flowing sequences, breathing and meditative techniques, I guide my students into the practice of yoga. I understand yoga as something that goes beyond physical exercise - although it does great things for physical health: for me, yoga means helping people to discover their inner strength and following their intuition.

As a certified 200hrs Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance Professionals UK
I have the experience of how to give the right verbal instructions, to teach the correct alignment of the asanas, and to give adjustments to my students when it´s needed.
I teach classes in german and english.

Born and raised in germany, I am now living my dream life in this beautiful island mallorca. Through many years of ballett, pilates & yoga, my experience in my own training and my job as a personal trainer and holistic health coach, I know how to guide my students and help them to find balance and happiness on a daily base. I am Co-founder of fit-perform, I lead yoga retreats and fitness retreats in mallorca, also different workshops and health events.

Sending love and light,

Girl does Yoga Pose on stairs during sunset

"I took a deep breath and listened to the beat of my heart:
I am, I am, I am."