EFT based tapping

Tap into emotional freedom

What is EFT*?

The Emotional Freedom Technique* (EFT) is a tapping technique found by Gary Craig that works quickly and effectively to help you resolve and transform feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are blocking or limiting you. 

EFT* tapping is a treatment within energetic psychology. The method is based on traditional chinese medicine and works with the meridians (energy channels in the body) and the classic acupuncture points. Tapping these specific points not only works on the regulation of the nervous system, but also deeply connects with the subconscious mind and helps to build new neural structures within the brain.

With EFT*, your body's system is positively influenced by gently tapping on certain meridian points. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming your physical stress response, lowering cortisol levels, releasing and relaxing the nervous system.

In addition to the tapping, you address your current feelings/thoughts/problem, which reduces your physiological reactions in the limbic system, your emotional memory, over the long term. This helps to permanently dissolve mental and emotional blockages.

*My coaching is oriented on EFT by Gary Craig, but they are neither based on "Official EFT"/ "Optimal EFT" nor do they reflect its contents, but are based on my personal view and experience as well as on my own understanding and education.

During your 1:1 session:

I help you to get to the root of your problem so we can shift and transform deeply stored thought forms & beliefs.

We will work on your current biggest challenge, for the best possible outcome and maximum transformation.

We will get to the deep layers of the subconscious mind, "stuck" emotions, limitations & beliefs, for a profound experience & change.

Your system will be positively aligned, you will feel empowered & ready to make NEW powerful choices for your personal growth and transformation.

After your 1:1 session:

  • You will have clarity about what held you back and why

  • You uncovered what your current biggest challenge is

  • You learned why it is important to honor your "problem" before you are able to let it go

  • You got down to the depths of your subconscious, accepted and transformed it

  • You transformed your limiting beliefs which blocked you on your journey

  • You are filled with a deeply grounding feeling and inner trust

  • You will feel free and empowered to go your own way, with ease and success

  • You will have your own individual EFT* sequence which I create just for you, which helps you to create a long lasting change & transformation 

1:1 EFT* Coaching (via Zoom) - (german speaking only):

+ 1:1 EFT* session which takes around 90-120 min. (as long as we need), for the maximum transformation of your current biggest challenge

+ Preparatory session (takes place in the same appointment) right before the actual tapping

+ Integration: An individual and personalized EFT* sequence from me for you to continue after our appointment for the next 3 weeks

Your invest: 275,00 € incl. VAT

Please note:

EFT tapping is not a substitute for medical, psychotherapeutic/psychiatric treatment. In the event of serious illnesses, please consult a doctor or therapist.