Soul Path

A 6 week journey of personal growth, deep transformation & healing.

There is a knowing deep inside you, can you hear it calling?

I created this sacred online container to help women on their journey to more self love, compassion and truthful living. We forgot to trust our insticts and intuition, we feel disconnected and unsure about who we really are and who we want to be.

The more I learn to connect and trust myself, the more I look inside myself instead of outside, the more I know and remember.

Everyday I connect with new wonderful women who long to find themselves again, who want to fall back in love with their bodies, who want to feel safe and rooted and powerful within their own selves.

This coaching is for you if you know there is more of you to be lived, if you know there is a longing to transform yourself, to walk the path of truth & integrity, authenticity, compassion and self love.

I cannot and I will not tell you who you are and how you have to be, because only YOU know.
But I will be there to help and support you and give you the tools you need to open the path of healing and transforming yourself. The path of remembrance, your soul path.

There is a quote of Ram Dass that says: "We are all just walking each other home",
and that is truly what it's all about. In this coaching container I walk beside you, but you have to be willing to walk and start making the first step.

If you feel called to work with me, I am happy to receive your application.

Much love & appreciation, Katharina

You are loved. You are worthy. You are whole.

Will you benefit from this coaching?

YES, if you struggle to/with...

  • feel safe
  • self confidence
  • feel worthy
  • love and accept yourself
  • unhealthy body image
  • stay centered in integrity within yourself
  • mental health & well being
  • negative self talk
  • boundaries
  • people pleasing
  • vision and clarity
  • decision making
  • healthy lifestyle
  • Lack of vitality & life force
  • fear, anxiety, panic
  • deeply rooted beliefs & blockages

"I love to help and support you on your journey to come back home to who you truly are. I guide you through a process of self discovery, deep transformation & growth - your soul path."


How will we work together?

The coaching journey will be intense and deeply transformational, that's why it was important for me to create a safe and sacred space for you.
Each week you will have enough time to reflect and integrate what you learned and gained in our 1:1 sessions.

  • We will have two to three live zoom sessions a week where one of the sessions is always a coaching session with me and one to two classes yoga & meditation practice
  • You will receive weekly journal prompts and affirmations that help you to reflect and listen to your inner knowing
  • We will have two intensive EFT based tapping sessions for deep transformation & personal growth
  • I will help you to integrate a new empowering routine for yourself and practices for self love and body-mind connection
  • We will set weekly goals and use specific practices and tools for your individual soul journey
  • Personal support on whats app
  • We will work deeply on a mental, emotional and physical level and the relationship you have with yourself
  • We will transform destructive beliefs and behaviours, limitations and blockages that are held in your subconscious mind

Before we start our 6 week journey, we will have a Zoom meeting where we set the dates for our live sessions.

1.555 € excl. 21%VAT