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Group Yoga Class at the beach on a sunny day. Yogalifemallorca

Group Yoga

In my open Yoga classes, you´ll find motivated, open minded people, looking for what you are looking for:
A mindful way to keep your body and mind in balance. I teach beach Yoga classes in Illetas, studio classes in and around Palma.
Beginner or advanced - there is space for everyone.
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Private Yoga

In a private Yoga session, I can give you the individual attention and support you need. To make the most of the time on your mat and to move towards new challenges when you are ready. Whether it is to focus on a Gentle Yoga practice, a dynamic Vinyasa Flow or a deep relaxing Yin Yoga sequence, I have experience with students of all kinds. I teach private Yoga classes in the comfort of your own home, yacht, or holiday villa.

If you are interested in private online Yoga classes via Zoom or Skype, please contact me here.

smiling woman in front of colorful flowers. yogalifemallorca

Retreats and Workshops

Yoga retreats are a great way to start or deepen your Yoga practice. You will learn how to intergrate Yoga and meditation into your day to day life, recharge your batteries, connect with your body, mind & heart and really have the time to enjoy some days off - just for yourself.
If you want to know more about my retreats and special classes, or if you want to learn more about specific Yoga practice, keep your eyes open for my upcoming workshops, retreats and events.

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