Chakra Balance -Online

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Support your whole system for optimum health - activate your body's self healing power.

You will get an individual Chakra balance plan via email, to start your own self healing journey from home. 

Harmonize, rebalance and restore your chakras with simple and powerful tools and daily routines to vitalize, nourish and improve your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Chakra Balance (PDF)

Restores, balances & harmonizes the Chakras, helps to dissolve blockages, imbalances and pain on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Available in English and German.

What does the plan include?

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  • Anamnese/check up of which chakras are potentially blocked/in imbalance

       (physical/emotional/mental, body/mind/spirit)

  •  General info about the Chakra system in our body
  •  Individual Chakra Balance plan
  •  Yoga postures to balance and harmonize
  •  Meditation/breathwork exercises
  •  Chakra balance recipe breaksfast/lunch/dinner
  •  Powerful healing affirmations
  •  Alternative therapy forms

       (e.g. essential oils, bachflower therapy, crystals)

This one is for you if you struggle with

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  • unspecific physical symptoms
  •  pain, tension, blockages
  •  digestive issues
  •  hormonal imbalances
  •  fatique, migraine, headache
  •  insomnia
  •  respiratory problems
  •  change in Libido
  •  stomach issues, nausea, dizziness
  •  hot flashes, freezing
  •  throat irritation
  •  inflammation


  •  stress, burnout, depression
  •  anger, frustration
  •  guilt/shame/sexual blocks
  •  trauma
  •  low self esteem, lack of confidence
  •  low energy, feeling drained
  •  lack of creativitiy, inspiration
  •  trust issues
  •  relationship problems
  •  no vitality, lack of lifeforce
  •  not able to take action / feeling stuck
  •  addictions

Additional info

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*each plan focusses on one to a maximum of two chakras, depending on blockage/imbalance/urgency
 **the product itself - e.g. essential oil, bachflower, gemstone, is not included in the package