Oracle Card Pulling

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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Business days

Are you in need for some spiritual guidance?

Depending your needs, I use different oracle cards and intuitively tune into the current energy, asking the oracle for wisdom and advice. 

Wisdom of the Oracle


This one is for you if

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  • you have a specific question and/or topic on your mind
  • if you just need some general guidance or advice
  • you need clarity
  • feel disconnected


What will I get?

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Depending on how many cards fly out for you, I will send a picture of each Illustration and the description text of each card. If it feels important to know which cards lies on the bottom of the deck, I will also send it to you (picture+description)

How does it work?

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I intuitively choose the oracle I will use for you (can also be more than just one deck) and start to shuffle the cards while tuning into your energy. I ask the oracle what you need to know in the current situation
(questions also depend on your topic).