Welcome to yogalifemallorca!
Immerse yourself in the many facets of yoga, get to know your body and mind better and connect movement in harmony with your breath.

Yoga makes happy.

You want to reduce stress? Get fitter? Learn, how to harmonize body & mind better?
Or all at once? I can help you with all these things. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, you are welcome at yogalifemallorca.
I teach private Yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home or your holiday villa, group Yoga classes on the beach and different Yoga studios in and around Palma. 
Explore your practice with me and experience what Yoga can do for you.

Dancer Pose Asana
Woman who does Navasana Post on a rooftop - Yogalifemallorca


"I absolutely love yoga practice with Katharina. She is such a patient and wonderful teacher and really focusses on each individual student, helping everyone to improve their yoga poses at their own level. Highly recommended!"


"Perfect way of starting your morning with beach yoga in cala comtesa! Each time I go I feel I am strengthening my body and hugging my soul! Thank you Katharina for giving me this amazing experience! Namasté"


"Katharina's yoga classes combine the power of respiration with the poses, creating a lovely harmony which relaxes the mind and body to a perfect start or finish to your day."


"Moved to live in Mallorca after been many years in UK and really wanted to start doing yoga. I found Katharina´s yoga classes after been looking for something different for almost two months!!! I have to say that she is exactly what I was looking for, a teacher to correct my postures during her nice fluid classes. She also does the class in an amazing place by the beach of Illetas, so a perfect combination of both things. I do highly recommended as a great teacher and place, it´s the perfect combination to feed your mind, body and soul."