Welcome my dear

I am happy you are here.

I believe in everyday miracles and the power within you to create the life that you truly desire to live.

May the long time sun
shine upon you
all love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide your way on.

Much love

What my clients say...


 "Katha gibt wundervolle Yogastunden. Super sympathisch, immer mit einem Lächeln im Gesicht und liebevoll gestaltet sie die Yogastunde. Für mich persönlich ist die Mischung aus Achtsamkeit, Yogapraxis und Sportlichkeit perfekt. Die Meditation am Anfang zu jeder Stunde hilft mir mich zu erden, um dann hineinzuspüren, was mein Körper braucht. Katha leitet die Sequenzen super an, korrigiert und ermutigt auch schwierige Haltungen mal auszuprobieren! Außerdem verschickt sie großartige Newsletter zur Mondenergie, die immer tolle Reflexionsfragen beinhalten. Vielen Dank liebe Katha, du bist ein wundervoller Mensch, mit so viel Wissen in unterschiedlichsten Bereichen und einer tollen Energie, die ansteckt!" 


"I love the Yoga Sessions with Katharina. Online and offline - she is a wonderful Yoga teacher - full of empathy - very professional and with a big heart! After many years without Yoga I found my way back to daily Yoga sessions - many thanks to Katharina!" 


"I absolutely love yoga practice with Katharina. She is such a patient and wonderful teacher and really focusses on each individual student, helping everyone to improve their yoga poses at their own level. Highly recommended!"


"Perfect way of starting your morning with beach yoga in cala comtesa! Each time I go I feel I am strengthening my body and hugging my soul! Thank you Katharina for giving me this amazing experience! Namasté"

Anna R.

"The most beautiful yoga classes in a serene setting right by the ocean. Katharina is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed every moment of her crystal clear guidance. Also during her magical online meditation classes, she manages to spread true positive energy, calmness & strength all the way to me 1000 miles away - that’s how radiant she is. Thank you so much for being you!"


"Katha ist eine sehr professionelle Yogalehrerin, mit wunderbar aufgebauten Yoga Sequenzen, toller Musik und einer einmaligen Energie, die sie an ihre Teilnehmer weitergibt. Man spürt, dass sie Yoga zu 100% lebt und ihr Wissen und ihre positive Energie mit großem Herz gerne teilt. Auch aus der Ferne kommt diese Energie bei mir an und vor allem ihre Morgen-Meditationen zur Anfang der Corona Zeit haben mir immer ein Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert und das Gefühl gegeben getragen und gestärkt in den Tag zu starten."


"Katharina's yoga classes combine the power of respiration with the poses, creating a lovely harmony which relaxes the mind and body to a perfect start or finish to your day."


"Moved to live in Mallorca after been many years in UK and really wanted to start doing yoga. I found Katharina´s yoga classes after been looking for something different for almost two months!!! I have to say that she is exactly what I was looking for, a teacher to correct my postures during her nice fluid classes. She also does the class in an amazing place by the beach of Illetas, so a perfect combination of both things. I do highly recommended as a great teacher and place, it´s the perfect combination to feed your mind, body and soul."


"When I first met Katharina in Mallorca in 2019, it was an absolutely refreshing and touching encounter. The yoga classes at the Bikini Hotel moved so much in me that I immediately booked another retreat 5 months later. Since then we have been in constant contact. I was also assisted with the chakra analysis.
I am absolutely thrilled by her open, warm and positive manner. She picks up everyone where they are at the moment.
If you have the opportunity to experience a yoga session with Katharina, make sure to plan it when you are on the sunny island.
All the best from the bottom of my heart and see you very soon."

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