Meet Katharina

Founder of Yogalifemallorca and Infinite MA, Katharina is a private yoga teacher based on Mallorca. She is teaching Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes and works with different techniques such as Tao tantric arts for women in her one to one mentorship sessions.

During the last decades, Katharina was honored to experience and learn from different healing modalities such as kinesiology, hypnosis, quantum healing sessions, kundalini technology, flower remedies and emotional freedom technique* (EFT). This not only shaped the way she works with her clients, but also brought her to a deeper understanding of the unlimited potential and healing capacity of the human body-mind system.

Being specialized in women's teachings, Katharina supports her clients to build and maintain a strong nervous system, overall health and a physical body that glows beyond aging. 

Through years of teaching Katharina has developed an intuitive feeling of the person or group she is surrounded with so she can tune in and create an empowering and comforting experience for each individual.