Meet Katharina

Founder of Yogalifemallorca and Infinite MA, Katharina is a private Yoga teacher and Mentor based on the mediterranean Island Mallorca, Spain. Her love for nature & being born in the earth element capricorn brought her living close to the sea and the mountains. Her curiousity for life and spirituality guides her along her path. Living a holistic lifestyle and following a daily yogic practice brings her closer to her true essence as a teacher.

Katharina started her own healing journey since early on. She was always curious about the different methods of holistic healing, alternative therapies and how the body-mind-connection works. Experiencing different methods like kinesiology, hypnosis, shamanism, energy work and the emotional freedom technique* (EFT) brought her to deeper understandings of herself, but also shaped the way she approaches with her clients. During years of practicing and studying the technology, anatomy and philosophy of yoga, meditation and breathwork, different teacher trainings in germany and spain, and working through her own life experiences, she discovered the unlimiting potential and self healing power of body, mind and soul. 

Through the years of teaching she has developed an intuitive feeling for the energy of the person or group she is surrounded with, so she can tune in and create a profound healing, empowering and comforting experience for each individual. Katharina works with clients in and around europe online and in person, using tools like Kundalini Technology, EFT tapping, Vinyasa Yoga, Chakra balance, energy healing and self psychology.

Katharina is specialized in women's teachings and how you as a woman can elevate your own energy, get a boost in radiance and vitality, rejuvenate your cells, build and maintain a strong physical body that glows beyond aging.