Matrix Energetics

Restore physical, emotional & mental balance.

What is Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetics is a transformative, healing system that was found by Richard Bartlett, a chiropractor and naturopath. It's a combination of using the subtle energy, quantum physics, active imagination and clear intention.

Our Body is a resonating matrix, containing a biological field of information. Within the matrix, patterns can be disrupted/get out of balance by emotional & physical trauma, habits and perceptions. This blocks the ability of living the life we desire. A life of prosperity, health, happiness & success.

In a 1:1 session...

...You will get clear on what it is that you want

...You will embody and tune into the feeling of your new transformed self

...You will remove current blockages

...You will transform core beliefs & limitations

...You will dissolve physical & emotional trauma

...Your system will be positively charged

After the session...

...You removed limiting beliefs & thoughts

...You transformed deeply held blockages and trauma

...You resolved both temporary and chronic physical, emotional and mental disfunctions

...You opened the space for the best possible outcome

...You transformed and dissolved the current (blocking) energy in your quantum field

...You made a shift on your cellular level and energetic information

...You gained a deep feeling of trust into the universe and your body's own transformational power

1:1 Session "Matrix Energetics" (live in person or via phone call)

+ A 1:1 "Matrix energetics" session, which takes around 30-45 minutes, live or via phone call.

+ We work on your current, most present challenge.

+ We will take as much time as we need for the maximum transformation & the best possible outcome.

+ includes a "quick fix-emergency" voice recording from me to you, which contains healing frequencies, a posivitely charged and transformative message for you to listen and repeat whenever needed 

Investment: 222 € incl. VAT