Yoga teacher does Hand to Toe Pose in front of a pool

Incentives, Retreats, Shootings

Are you an Event Agency, Concierge Service or Business and would like to book my services for a bigger group or event? 

Are you searching for a Yoga Teacher for your Fitness or Yoga Retreat?

Would you like to shoot yoga or fitness related pictures for your Brand, Collection or Website?

Feel free to request info & prices here.

Are you ready to step into your full power?


I am happy to support you on your individual journey with a 1:1 Coaching session, online or in person.

Whether it's about your physical, mental or spiritual health, dissolving blockages and limitations, creating more abundance and harmony in your current life situation, health, relationships or business -
I am here to support you.


"It's all written in the stars."

Astrology can help us to find out who we truly are.

Your Birth Chart can tell you a lot about your personality, inner and outer world, emotions and feelings, your talents, challenges, strentghs and weaknesses.

Where does your soul want to grow in this lifetime?
What is your mission on earth?
Where do you come from?

Your unique cosmic fingerprint.

Energy work

One of the tools I use is Quantum Healing. It works on the subconscious level and can help to harmonize our body's organism and quickly change the frequency into a state of relaxation, ease and well-being.

Speaking from my own experience, it is one of the fastest ways I know to create change, to reach your goals and improve your current life situation, whether it is regarding love, business, money, or health.